Cherry Chic Designs is a Canadian Womenswear label.  Originally from Winnipeg, residing in Calgary as a home base.

Hi, my name is Valrie, the owner and fashion designer for Cherry Chic Designs. My grandmother and mother are my true inspiration in becoming a fashion designer. They were born and raised in Jamaica and both worked as seamstresses for a living.

My mother came to Canada from Jamaica in the 70’s in order to create a better life, raising 5 kids on her own. As a very young child I remember my mother used to sew day and night with myself on her lap and one of my sisters by her knee while the others were in school. In every piece of clothing she made, she would put her blood sweat and tears to ensure she would create the most perfect final product for every one of her clients.

One of the reasons why I became a designer, was for carrying the Grandeson/Frater/Powell legacy as a seamstress, the second was for me, having the liberty of fine tuning hand crafted clothing to fit my body type as well as others.

My long founded background has been sewing, which my mother had taught me at the age of 10. I had attended the University of Manitoba Human Ecology and Apparel Design Program to create more of a foundation to the skills I had already developed.

The Logo: the meaning behind the logo represents the people in my family that have passed on the tradition of being a seamstress from one generation to the next. The 3 bars on the side represent my grandmother, my mother and me.  The circle represents how the tradition has circulated within the family. My inspiration comes from the vision of the powerful strong willed women whom both my grandmother and mother are. I wanted to incorporate that into the modern working women by taking both classic traditional and trendy fashions, combining the two, to create my version of what Cherry Chic means to me.

Cherry Chic Designs was created specially with the inclusion of any woman at any stage of her day. The unique flare of Cherry Chic Designs label inspires confidence with comfort.

Valrie Powell, CEO,

Fashion Designer, Business Owner