Welcome to Cherry Chic Designs, a Canadian Womenswear label rooted in Winnipeg and now based in Calgary.

I'm Valrie, the proud owner and fashion designer behind Cherry Chic Designs. My journey in fashion was profoundly influenced by my grandmother and mother, both hailing from Jamaica and skilled seamstresses by trade.

My mother, a resilient woman, moved to Canada from Jamaica in the 70s, single-handedly raising five children to provide a better life. I have vivid memories of her tirelessly sewing, with me nestled on her lap and one of my sisters by her side, while the others were at school. Each stitch she made carried her dedication and passion, ensuring perfection in every garment for her clients.

My path to becoming a designer was twofold: to honor the legacy of seamstresses and to craft clothing that fits not just my body type, but that of others as well.

My foundation in sewing was laid by my mother at the age of 10. I further honed my skills at the University of Manitoba's Human Ecology and Apparel Design Program, building upon the expertise I had acquired.

Let's talk about our logo: it symbolizes the passing down of the seamstress tradition from one generation to another in my family. The three bars represent my grandmother, my mother, and myself, while the circle signifies the circulation of this tradition within our family. My designs are inspired by the indomitable spirit of these strong-willed women, blending classic traditions with contemporary trends to redefine what Cherry Chic signifies to me.

Cherry Chic Designs was crafted with every woman in mind, at every moment of her day. Our label's unique flair seeks to inspire confidence through comfort, ensuring that every woman feels included and empowered.

Thank you for being a part of our story at Cherry Chic Designs. We're thrilled to dress you in styles that speak to your strength and individuality.

Warm regards,

Valrie Owner and Fashion Designer Cherry Chic Designs